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Primary Objective

The primary objective of the Rutherford Times Online is to provide multimedia news content in a blog format from a decidedly Libertarian point of view, giving readers a much desired alternative perspective on news driven issues. This format should also remedy what some perceive as a lack of balance in reporting, affording relevant issues the journalistic due diligence that they deserve, through avoidance of the dogmatic focus on “left-right” politics too often the case with mainstream media coverage.

Contributors And Content

This blog will largely consist of original commentary but will feature select guest contributors.  If you are interested in becoming a guest contributor then send an email to the address below. As the primary contributor I will make libertarian principles the lens through which broader societal issues are magnified within the topics and tone of my posts. Links to other articles from various sources will also be included, in addition to video and audio content covering a wide range of topics but focusing on politics, economics, business and health. Opposing views are welcome from commenters with regard to all content included on this website, with the exception of those comments which are illegal or too vulgar to have informative value.

Browse, Suggest and Subscribe

Thank you for taking the time to browse this website and I look forward to reading and responding to your comments, as well as listening to your suggestions for future topics. I also encourage you to subscribe! It’s free, you’ll be sent updates, and have access to even more multimedia news content.


J. Edward Nelson, Contributing Editor

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