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Chris Matthews Has Officially Become The “Bill O’Reilly” Of MSNBC

By J. Edward Nelson

Humorus representation of msnbc's Chris Matthews

Humorus representation of msnbc's Chris Matthews


Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball, has ceased being a serious network news figure and become the cartoonishly vigilant attack dog of proposed health care reform legislation, currently known as H.R. 3200.

Every time Matthews moderates a segment on this proposed legislation, it follows the same basic format: He’ll typically have two guests, one for and one against, and the dissenter (predictably) is not afforded the professionalism or civility one would expect on a network news program. 

It comes across as if Matthews is a paid sponsor of the Democratic Party’s agenda for health care reform.

The August 6, 2009 episode is a prime example (it’s posted below). He has Gerald Shea, representing the AFL-CIO, who verbally commits to backing any bill crafted by the majority Democratic Congress, and Max Pappas, representing FreedomWorks, who is firmly against increased government intervention within the health care industry.

Chris interacts with Pappas as if the Freedom Works representative was a hostile witness, and the Hardball host was the lead prosecutor. With Shea gratefully receiving the proverbial “free pass.”

Matthews goes so far as to call Pappas and anyone who opposes this proposed legislation, irrespective of how well reasoned, “frauds,” stating at the end of the segment, “I should have been nicer to you, but I disagree with your whole crowd.” Way to be objective Chris.

The only thing missing in this ridiculously unprofessional display was Matthews’ calling Pappas a “pin-head.” This network is beginning to strongly resemble Fox News, and its owner Rupert Murdoch, which was the ardent supporter of  White House policies for eight years under the previous administration.

The fact that Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, which owns MSNBC, was appointed to the Economic Recovery Advisory Board by President Obama must be merely “coincidental.”

Congratulations Chris, you are now the “Bill O’Reilly” of your network, the “clown-prince” of  MSNBC.



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