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MSNBC Is Apparently Against Free Market Economics

By J. Edward Nelson
AP - Lawrence O'donnell, frequent contributer on MSNBC

AP - Lawrence O'donnell, frequent contributer on MSNBC


The August 7, 2009 episode of MSNBC’s the ED show, in which Lawrence O’Donnell guest hosts and interviews Euro Pacific Capital CEO and free market economist Peter Schiff, is as shameless a display of a program host perpetually interrupting a guest as I have seen since…Chris Matthews interviewing ANYONE who disagrees with increased government involvement in the health insurance industry.


The “discussion” between O’Donnell and Schiff began on August 6th when both were guest panelists on Morning Joe, a morning news program also on MSNBC (in my opinion the set-up for this apparent hit piece). The eight minute interview between the two on the ED show centered around the economy and health care reform.

What made this interview beyond ridiculous for me – aside from the lack of professionalism displayed by O’Donnell, which made the segment difficult to watch – was doing a Google search on the backgrounds of guest and host. The closest thing O’Donnell has in his background pertaining to economics, business or finance is being the most senior staff member of the Senate Committee on Finance for three whole years.

To say that Schiff’s background is more extensive is an understatement: a degree in finance and accounting from UC-Berkeley, over twenty years working on Wall Street with thirteen as the CEO of a brokerage firm, as well as predicting in 2003 the U.S. housing and sub-prime mortgage crises and overall economic meltdown which occurred in the fall of 2008.

America has deteriorated into a society in which the more ignorant among us are encouraged to make fun of the ideas of the more learned among us, and we have the temerity to refer to this idiocy as entertainment.

Growing up, my father used to constantly refer to television as the “idiot box;” in retrospect, his words were rather prophetic.

You would think that an economist with Schiff’s foresight would be afforded far more respect by MSNBC as a network.  Particularly when government officials and many Americans who watch that particular show, and were blind-sided by the economic meltdown, could certainly benefit from his expertise – as our economy “limps” back to prosperity – as opposed to being set-up for a hatchet job.

My advice to O’Donnell is the very same advice my parents bestowed upon me as a young boy, “keep your mouth closed when grown folks are talking.”

The more I watch MSNBC, the more it seems like this network’s program directors do not especially care for the concept of free market economics, nor its proponents.


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  1. “America has evolved into a society in which the more ignorant among us are allowed to make fun of the ideas of the more learn-ed among us, and we refer to this idiocy as entertainment.”

    yeah…pills are easier to swallow with “water” i guess.

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