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Fox News Contributor Feigns Ignorance Over Government Wrongdoing

By J. Edward Nelson

In a five minute segment on Fox News channel’s Geraldo at Large in which alternative news personality Alex Jones was interviewed by host Geraldo Rivera, and regular contributor Kimberly Guilfoyle, concerning the questionable link between the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Pentagon Gunman, a link made within an hour of the shooting by mainstream media outlets, Jones boldly questions whether the event was “staged” by the government.

He cites documented instances where U.S. officials carried out or planned staged terror events both domestically, Operation Northwoods, and abroad, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, as well as credible allegations that U.S. authorities were contacted and subsequently warned by the parents of the Christmas Day Bomber, the Fort Hood and Pentagon Gunmen, weeks before these incidents took place.

Witnesses reported that the Christmas Day Bomber, Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, had no passport and yet was allowed to board a commercial airliner headed for the U.S. with the assistance of a “well dressed man,” even though Mutallab was on the terror watch list. Witnesses also said that the FBI took Mutallab and an unidentified man into custody when Flight 253 landed, although government officials maintain that Mutallab acted alone.

Toward the end of the segment, tension mounts when Guilfoyle asks Jones “what evidence” he had to support his claims about this sordid history of government wrongdoing. To his credit, Rivera steps in and confirms that the Gulf of Tonkin incident is well-documented – through declassified NSA documents in 2005 – as having been staged in order to successfully galvanize public sentiment behind an invasion of North Vietnam in August 1964. However, Rivera’s admission does not excuse Guilfoyle’s apparent ignorance of the subject and equally apparent lack of preparation for the segment.

Feigning ignorance concerning issues of particular relevance to the American people has become the norm by representatives of the mainstream media since 9/11. Forcing millions of Americans to seek news from alternative (albeit more reliable) sources such as Alex Jones’ website,, You Tube channels like AlJazeeraEnglish and the SciffReport, blogs such as the Ron Paul inspired, and the Rutherford Times Online.

The amount of research and resources necessary to validate the claims asserted by Jones are woefully miniscule: internet access, your favorite search engine and 15 minutes will suffice. For that reason, and in my opinion, the ignorance expressed by Guilfoyle is indicative of someone who doesn’t take her audience very seriously, which obviously reflects poorly upon the network, and most importantly, is insulting to my intelligence; and from Alex Jones’ reaction to Guilfoyle ’s question, he seemed similarly insulted. 

I expect a great deal more from professional reporters of the news, I expect them to do their homework.  

Questioning our government seems to have been replaced by an ideology of “my country right or wrong” within the established media, particularly the talking heads on network television. It makes me wonder whether they have conveniently forgotten the impressive list of prior bad acts committed by the U.S. government: COINTELPRO, the FBI’s counter intelligence program, notoriously used “illegal” tactics to “neutralize” civil rights leaders and organizations, the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia, dubbed the “School of Assassins” and considered the leading cause for destabilization in Latin America, has for decades trained Latin American military personnel in “counterinsurgency” tactics including blackmail, torture, kidnapping and rape, whose graduates have been implicated in hundreds of thousands of murders, and finally, the CIA has engaged in drug trafficking, some claim for more than 50 years, within the U.S. and abroad in order to fund its clandestine operations. If ever there was a government which needed its citizens to remain vigilant in staying abreast of its unlawful actions, in order to curtail said unlawful actions, it’s our government.

Substantive change could occur within the American political system if the mainstream media did its due diligence more consistently and actually partnered with the American people in remaining vigilant.


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