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media_photoJames Edward Nelson is the Contributing Editor and founder of the Rutherford Times Online. He is a native Detroiter who graduated from Cass Technical high school in June 1992. In high school, James developed a passion for sports lettering in both football and track.

He reported to football camp the second week of August in 1992 at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA. James played fullback for four seasons under head coach Peter Vaas and running backs coach Tony Ball.

As a student at Holy Cross James was deeply involved in the political landscape of campus life serving as Vice President and Vice Chair of Student Concerns for the Black Student Union, and also served on the Student Government Association.

James graduated from Holy Cross in May 1996 and moved back to Detroit, accepting a position in sales. The following year he began coaching running backs and teaching science at his alma mater Cass Tech. James went on to work for the Pontiac public school system in January 2001 just prior to leaving the teaching profession altogether and transitioning back into sales.

Between the summer of 2001 and spring 2007, James worked for three companies as an Outside Sales Representative: the Cintas Corporation, Ameriquest mortgage and Paychex, Inc.

The Summer of 2006 would mark the beginning of symptoms which would lead to a diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. In August friends and family noticed that his speech was slightly slurred. Doctors suggested to him that he had likely suffered a mild stroke.

From January forward, James noticed that his arms and legs were weakening as if the strength in his upper and lower extremities were a slow, steady leak. The earliest he could schedule an appointment with a neurologist was May, and after a battery of tests, he was diagnosed with ALS.

To his dismay, once a member of the ALS community James discovered a lack of advocacy for ALS patients by ALS medical professionals, with few exceptions. It was at this point that he committed himself to fighting for the lives and liberties of people with incurable terminal illnesses. Which has since evolved into a more broad fight for the civil liberties of all people.

One very good but unexpected thing occurred as a result of the debilitating effects of ALS for James. Increasing lack of mobility caused him to become a veracious consumer of information. ALS has afforded him the time to watch hundreds of documentary films, read hundreds of articles, watch and listen to countless hours of both alternative and mainstream news programs. James is now uniquely qualified to be both a knowledgeable contributor and a competent editor for the Rutherford Times Online.

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